Intimate home session: Why I love being married

Sunday, May 28, 2017
    Matt and I have been married for a year and 6 months. It has been amazing, tough, emotional, happy, and about a thousand other emotions, and I want to talk about it with you guys in this post.
I remember before getting married, people always told me the first year was the hardest.

I know every couple is different, but the first year for us was full of adjustments, and yes, it was hard. We had to learn to live with each other and how to be there for each other physically and emotionally.

    One of the hardest parts for me was thinking outside of myself. Single life is all about YOU. You can hang out with whoever you want, you can spend your money on what you want, and you make choices that are centered around your hopes and dreams. When you agree to spend your life with another person, that means sharing everything with them and making choices for the both of you.    

   Although we are still newly married, I feel much more confident in my abilities as a "partner" and as a wife. Learning to include someone in your life and thoughts takes time, and I feel really happy when we are living our lives in-sync. I think it is very important to be individuals. Have your own interests, opinions, desires, and passions, but include your person in these endeavors. Explore each others hobbies and personalities, and don't ever be afraid to be your entire self around them.  

    My favorite moments of marriage are when Matt and I both don't want to go to bed, so we stay up till 2 A.M. watching Jimmy Fallon. Or when I freak out over a new Justin Bieber song (no shame) and Matt is just as happy as I am. I had no idea who the Splash Brothers were or why Lebron was referred to as the "King" before I married Matt, but now I see why he loves basketball and sports so much. I may come home from class upset and crying over something incredibly stupid, but if it's not stupid to me, it's not stupid to him. The best way I can describe this unity is "getting each other." I get him, and he gets me, and I hope all of you have someone to "get" and if not....keep looking until you do. ♥

Thank you Erin Welch for taking these gorgeous pictures of us! She is amazing and I am so glad she lives 5 minutes from me. Check out her beautiful work 

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